Industrial Automation and Control Systems

ACET Solutions is a full service Industrial Automation and Control Systems solutions provider. From plant floor to enterprise, we follow Industry 4.0 principles to help you maximize the value from your assets.

We are vendor independent and work with you to choose the most appropriate technology that is fit-for-purpose for your automation needs. We combine our diverse technological expertise, our proven engineering & project execution methodology, and project management skills to deliver quality solutions on-time and within budget.

Our solutions offering cover:

  • Basic Process Control System (BPCS)
  • Distributed Control System (DCS)
  • Safety Instrumented System (SIS)
  • Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Vibration Monitoring Systems
  • Plant Networks & Telecoms
  • Fire & Gas System (F&G, FGS)
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Power Management System
  • Flow Metering & Custody Transfer
  • Well Head Controls
  • Historian & Production Reports

We offer end-to-end services for complete Automation systems life-cycle including the following:

Reverse Engineering:

  • Generating documentation from existing applications and site surveys
  • IO List
  • Cause & Effect
  • Control Narratives
  • System Architecture Drawings
  • Interface databases and soft I/O Lists
  • Alarm and Trips Schedules
  • Complex Loop Inventory
  • Existing Documentation Gap Analysis

Front End Engineering:

  • System and network architecture design
  • Functional Design Specification
  • Technology Selection
  • Cost Estimation
  • Design Standards

Detailed Design and Execution:

  • Detailed Design Specifications
  • System Architecture
  • Network Architecture
  • Equipment List (Bills of Material)
  • Panel Drawings
  • Controllers Programming and Configuration
  • System/Servers/Stations Configuration
  • System Database Configuration
  • HMI Graphics Configuration
  • Alarm Configuration
  • Historian Configuration
  • Asset Manager Configuration
  • Third Party System Integration
  • Network Switches and Firewalls Configuration

Integrated Factory Acceptance Test (IFAT):

  • Specifications for IFAT
  • IFAT Architectures
  • IFAT Staging
  • IFAT Procedures and Checklist
  • IFAT Record Consolidation
  • Punch List Management
  • IFAT Execution and Management

Installation Commissioning and Startup:

  • Site Acceptance Test (SAT) Procedure
  • Commissioning Procedures
  • Turn Around Procedures
  • SAT Services
  • Loop Testing
  • Site Functional Testing
  • Safety Validation Testing
  • Startup Support

Operations and Maintenance:

  • Control System Life Cycle Support
  • System software patches and updates installation
  • Security software patches and updates installation
  • System software management and upgrades
  • Controllers, IO Modules, Network equipment Firmware upgrades
  • Change Management
  • Alarm Rationalization and Management
  • Site Maintenance Support


  • Automation system technology training
  • Operator training
  • Engineering training
  • System maintenance training